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Tootega Kinetic 100 Hydrolite Kayak Blue

Tootega Tootega
Tootega Kinetic 100 Hydrolite Kayak Blue

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Product Description

What We Say About This Kayak

"The Tootega Kinetic Hydralite is a great addition to the Hydralite range. It offers the performance of a much longer boat yet being compact and easy to use. Ideal for exploring rivers, lakes and the sea the extra length and addition of the skeg allow this Sit on top to be aimed at more than just beach play. A great all rounder and a serious contender for our Kayak of the Season. But now only weighing in at an incredibly light 19kgs making it easier to load on the car or carry down the beach "

Kayak Description

Perfectly bridging the gap between touring and beach play, the Kinetic gives you the freedom to explore the water however you want. Tootega's new hybrid 'c' hull form blends the best attributes of our dynamic and exciting Pulse models with the graceful glide, increased paddling efficiency, and versatile storage options found in our flagship Prophecy touring range.

The Kinetic 100 has been designed to work in harmony with Tootega's innovative new skeg system, which is fully adjustable, allowing you to find that perfect balance between manoeuvrability or straight line tracking for you and the water you are paddling on. With huge amounts of storage for a kayak of it's size, and complete with Tootegas new low-profile anchor points for backrests and thigh-straps, the Kinetic is that elusive 10ft kayak, that can tour, play in the surf, work as an inland/near shore fishing platform, and yet still remain lightweight and stable.

Dont Forget all Tootega Boats come with a Lifetime Warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Proudly designed and made in the UK
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fully Adjustable Skeg System
  • 24cm Kajaksport hatch
  • Adjustable Footrests
  • 15cm day hatch
  • Hybrid ‘C' hull-form
  • Paddle Keeper
  • Large Rear Tank-well


  • Length: 310cm / 10.0ft
  • Width: 74cm / 29"
  • Max Capacity: 140kg / 310lb
  • Weight: 19kg / 41.88lb
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Average Customer Rating:

5.0 out of 5 stars - 2 reviews
Great Boat
5out of 5
Reviewed on 18/02/2019
We've already had a lot of fun on it and its stable enough that my 7 year old daughter has been able to mess around on it, on her own as her confidence grew. It's a great fun all rounder for all the family. Light weight, but very robust and will provide many years of fun.
The Shore web site provides plenty of detailed information with short videos that helped us select this model from the extensive range which when I first started looking left me perplexed as to which make/model to choose.
It arrived exactly when they said and was extremely well packaged.
The boat is a winner and my favourite from all of those I have tried in the last 12 months
5out of 5
Reviewed on 18/02/2019
Thank you for reaching out - I'm happy to help with the survey/review of the boat. I've been out in the Hydrolite a few times now, usually for around 4 hours per session in light coastal conditions down here in Torbay/South Devon. In short, the boat is a winner and my favourite from all of those I have tried in the last 12 months - about a dozen boats. I've completed a year's kayaking with my local club so would class myself as beginner/intermediate stage now - been trained etc, gone on many club trips, but it's still only been 12 months (of near continual kayaking).

• What would you say were the Pro’s with this kayak?

1. The boat tracks beautifully and is comfortable to sit in and what most surprised me, in relation to my use of smaller kayaks in light coastal conditions, is how manoeuvrable the Hydrolite is in tight spaces while rock hopping the local coast. I went out rock-hopping News Year's Day with three friends in their Diesel's and Dagger GTX's - small fast boats - but had no problem keeping up, even in a headwind. So, the hull design, to my eye, is very good. My 7 year old can even paddle it up and down the local beach (with me wading behind) without difficulty or feeling unsafe due to its stability.

2. On its excellent stability, on the water I find I am able to shift around in my seat to take pictures 360 degrees around myself without fear of capsize - I can also easily retrieve items from the rear tank well without fear of a swim. Looking forward to trying it in surf.

3. Choice of foot rests is also a strong feature - you really can find your optimum position and posture within the boat before paddling.

4. The dual storage holds are an excellent feature (I keep my camera in the day hatch), as is the large rear tank well; I am so pleased the latter was fitted because it holds my kayak trolley. I often suffer from back pain - induced by lifting kayaks - which is why I bought this model, as it's a lighter boat; so at either end of my paddle I can use the trolley that actually goes out to sea with me. This removes the problem of running back to the car and leaving the boat unattended on the beach, to collect the trolley after completing a paddle. So, the idea that everything I need on a paddle can go from the car to water and water back to car, in a single trip, is fantastic. Also, when I tour and camp this year, I have decided to take this boat and not my sit-in. The boat has actually made me realise I can be more adventurous on distance - that is the most satisfying feature. Usually, I think, too far for a small boat. Now, I'm able to consider longer paddles to better places.

The paddle keeper is also a great idea; so useful when taking a drink of water, taking pictures, or fishing, and while getting in and out of the boat. I find I use it continually.

• What are the cons?

1. I'm never convinced the skeg - which I rarely use - fully descends from the hull. There's no convincing sense of it having dropped, nor appreciable difference in the handling of the boat once it has dropped. My suspicion is it rests half-in and half-out of the hull. When the sea is warmer this summer, I will swim under the boat and check.

2. The biggest drawback is so simple to fix: the little metal bars/rungs to which one would attach the seat-strap clasps are too thick within a small curved hollow on the hull to easily get the locking clasps fitted; same with clasping a paddle leash. If those plastic contours had been molded deeper inside the top of the kayak hull, the problem would be solved; same solution if the metal fittings had been made narrower. I'm surprised they weren't more thoroughly tested for seat-strap fittings. I eventually managed to strap a seat into the boat but cannot get it out now. Though, to be honest, I'm not sure a seat is essential. My first two trips were done without an attachable seat and I was comfortable over three hours-plus (and I have a bony ass).

3. The lid of the day hatch should be on a string fastened to the boat. Too easy to drop if wearing gloves or in a swell.

4. Even though this boat only weighs in at 19 kilos, it is bulky out of the water and slips and slides around the side of a car, and is also difficult to "bear hug" - it's bulkiness makes it hard to get on and off a car single-handedly. But, I guess, that is the problem with almost every single kayak going - getting them on and off cars without destroying your back. But it is too heavy and bulky to carry any distance alone - I'd say a trolley is essential.

• Would you recommend this kayak to a friend?

Yes, and have done. The other kayakers I have been out with immediately saw its advantages - not fiddling around with recalcitrant spray-decks, nor having to empty their boats - as well as how well it performs and they all wanted a go.

• Did you speak to customer services before purchasing? How did they assist the buying process?

I did a great deal of online research first to assess the right sit-on top for me - I looked at scores. I'd tried a few in the past and they were either no good for distance, hideous colours, or far too heavy for me to lift. The weight was the deciding feature. What I needed was a sit-on I could tour in, eventually fish and snorkel off, that wasn't too heavy for my back and that could keep up with faster boats on club trips. My first choice was the Perception Triumph 13, as I fancied going on long journeys. But it was impossible for me and my bad back to lift alone. The Hydrolite was the perfect compromise on weight while retaining many of those touring features, and could probably go similar distances. So far, so good: it has ticked almost every box.

I did speak to someone on the phone too just double-check on a few details too.

• Did you find the videos/descriptions on the website to be useful?

Yes and watched the film a few times. But Tootega's own site is missing the video that should accompany the model.

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