Tootega Pulse 95

Tootega Pulse 95

About Tootega Pulse 95

Tootega Pulse 95 Kayak

The Tootega Pulse 95 is one of our best selling smaller sit on top kayaks. Available in 2 sizes the 85 and 95 the Tootega Pulse offers you the ability to ensure you get the right boat for your weight and ability. Great for paddling on your own, Messing around in the Surf or going on a paddling adventure.

Check out the Pulse 85 Hydrolite which is incredibly light so therefore easy to carry and move out of the water while not compromising at all in terms of performance

"I can't believe how lightweight this kayak is even I can lift it onto the car. Super comfortable when paddling and so easy to keep up with my husband" Alice - Head of Fashion Buying at Shore Bought her Blue Pulse 85 Hydrolite in Spring 2017