O'Neill Psychotech

O'Neill Psychotech

O'Neill Psychotech Wetsuits

O'Neill's Psychotech brings a new winter wetsuit into the arena. With Technobutter 3 all over the suit, it is extremely flexible and lightweight while keeping toasty with the Air insulated firewall in key areas such a chest and back.

Technobutter 3 neoprene is the most advanced neoprene available on the market. It is 20% lighter, and absorbs 30% less water with quick drying properties. This all combines to produce a suit that works harder for you. The Psychotech is constructed with Super Seal Cuffs that are fused to create a low profile for the ultimate seal. To accompany this, a F.U.Z.E system with double super seal neck keeps water out and drains any water that does manage to get in through a drain hole to prevent flush and keep you toasty.

Cornering the wetsuit market at such an early stage has allowed Rip Curl wetsuits to gain an advantage over other manufacturers. Ripcurl Wetsuits constant development and pursuit for new technology and materials has resulted in some of the best wetsuits available. Their E6 neoprene that is used throughout Ripcurl wetsuits line is extremely flexible and lightweight. No matter what your demand or price range Rip Curl wetsuits have it covered, from affordable entry level suits to the worlds first heated wetsuit. Shore stock a great range of men's, women's and children's Rip Curl wetsuits at great prices.


Expert Advice

"The Psychotech has been the one of the top wetsuits in the O'Neill family. It is sold as the one of the ultimate suit for colder conditions. With the technobutter neorprene throughout with the air insulation in the chest and back there are very little suits that can claim to be this warm and this flexible at the same time"