Ripcurl E Bomb

Ripcurl E Bomb

Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuits

Ripcurl have designed the E-Bomb to be the ultimate super stretch wetsuit. The neoprene is 100% E6 thermoflex, Ripcurls all new super high stretch performance neoprene that surpasses industry standards. The suits seams are glued and blindstitched; the stitching does not fully penetrate the neoprene to keep the seam watertight, E6 stress point tape is added to high stress points to increase the strength and durability of the wetsuit. The Zip Free entry offers light, unrestricted performance and efficient design for maximum stretch, warmth and comfort.

Expert Advice

"If you're looking for a maximum performance winter wetsuit it's here! The E6 neoprene is a whole new league of flexibility only comparable to O'Neills Technobutter, paddle for hours with no resistance, It's like not even wearing a wetsuit! Zip free entry makes the wetsuit more watertight, no waters getting in even if you duck diving Teahupoo (not a Shore guarantee!)"

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