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Red Paddle Inflatable Paddle Boards

Red Paddle Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards Available Online with Free Delivery at Shore.co.uk

Red Paddleboards are without doubt the best iSUP on the market. We took alot of time picking which inflatable brand we would partner with for the future and from extensive research and product testing we found the only brand to live up to our expectations was the Red Paddle Company and there great range of boards and just the whole general package you get with a Red Paddle compared to any other brand

Firstly Red Paddle are the only established brand on the market solely deadicated to Inflatable Paddleboards. This in itself is a big plus. It seems currently in the market that every windsurf, surfboard, kitesurf and even kayak brands are bringing out there own Stand up paddleboard ranges. Obviously these are just side projects on there main line of other watersports goods. Red Paddle are the only established purely inflatable brand on the market. They focus solely on inflatable therefore they are at the forefront of inflatable technology and everything that comes with it to ensure that there boards first perform and second last.

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9 styles found


9 styles found