Kayak Spray deck Sizing and Fit Guide

When buying any Kayak Spray Deck it is important to make sure you buy the correct size and therefore here at Shore we have devised the easiest way we think yet to ensure you get the right size for your boat. Obviously please use the below as a guide and if you want to speak to an expert please call us direct at 01243 674830

Understanding the difference between Nylon and Neoprene spray decks

Nylon decks are marked with N sizes and neoprene decks are marked with R sizes. Because Nylon spraydecks do not offer the same stretch as neoprene ones, touring boats with exceptionally large cockpits will usually need a larger size nylon deck than a neoprene one. A size 6 cockpit will often take a size 5 or 6 deck in neoprene.

Getting the right fit

Pull the spraydeck waist tube up until the seam is above your hips.

The easiest spraydeck to put on might not stay on the best or keep the most water out. Which is most important to you?

A neoprene spraydeck will become easier to put on a kayak when wet, so wet out the edge of your deck as you get in your boat.

Over time, a neoprene spraydeck will stretch with use, becoming easier to put on your cockpit.

The use of Armortex, Tatex, and other protective materials will reduce the amount of stretch in a deck making a good fit even more important.

Nylon spraydecks do not stretch, so make sure you get a good fit before you buy, especially with larger cockpits. These charts are only a guide, kayak cockpits vary greatly in size and shape. Obviously if the deck is not perfect you can exchange it for Free here at Shore.co.uk


Palm Size EU Size US Size Cockpit Length Cockpit Width
2 Extra Small XS 66cm - 75cm 40cm - 45cm
3 Small S 73cm - 82cm 42cm - 50cm
4 Keyhole M 81cm - 91cm 45cm - 55cm
5 Bigdeck L 89cm - 98cm 48cm - 58cm
6 Super Big XL 96cm - 105cm 55cm - 60cm
7 Super Tour XXL 103cm - 110cm 57cm - 62cm


Palm Cockpit Size Cockpit size (LxW) Waist Size Guide Waist Size
R2 70cm x 40cm XXXS / XXS 45-51cm (16-20")
R3 80cm x 50cm XXS / XS 51-61cm (20-24"
R4 88cm x 50cm XS / S 60-76cm (24-30")
R5 98cm x 53cm M / L 76-91cm (30-36")
XL / XXL 91-102cm (36-40")


Palm Cockpit Size Cockpit size (LxW) Adjustable Waist Size
R3 80cm x 50cm 60-127cm (24-50")
R4 88cm x 50cm 60-127cm (24-50")
R5 98cm x 53cm 60-127cm (24-50")
R6 106cm x 56cm 60-127cm (24-50")


Palm Cockpit Size Cockpit size (LxW) Adjustable Waist Size
N3 86cm x 50cm 60-127cm (24-50")
N4 92cm x 56cm 60-127cm (24-50")
N5 100cm x 58cm 60-127cm (24-50")
N6 105cm x 60cm 60-127cm (24-50")
N7 110cm x 62cm 60-127cm (24-50")

Putting on your spraydeck

Step into the body-tunnel and pull it up until the base of the tunnel is level with your hips.

Sit in your kayak being careful to avoid sitting on the back of the spraydeck.

1. Lean back and hook the rear edge of the spraydeck under the back of the cockpit rim.Lean forward, keeping tension on the elastic, and feed the edge of deck around and under the sides of the cockpit rim.

2. Stretch the deck away from you and hook the front of the deck over the front of the cockpit rim. At this point it is important to ensure that the release strap is outside the cockpit and easily accessible. Sit upright and check around the edge to ensure the deck is properly fitted and sealed under the cockpit rim.

Removing your spraydeck

3. Find the release handle at the front of the deck by running your hand forwards along the edge of the cockpit.

4. Pull the handle forwards (away from you) and up to release the front of the deck from the cockpit rim.

Tip – Practise removing your spraydeck and getting out of your boat in a controlled situation so that you are able to remove the deck easily, even when upside down. The swimming pool is a good place to familiarise yourself with the capsize/wet-exit drill.