Wetty Warrior 3MM Round Toe Wetsuit Boots Black

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Product Description

  • 3mm Round Toe
  • Thermal Lined
  • Latex Tear Proof Armortex Sole
  • Anti Water Inlet Cuff

Worn by Alex our Lead Designer who was fed up with wearing thick boots through winter he says its the best investment he has ever made. "They literally feel as good as boots can get"

In winter the cold numbs the extremities of the body and makes surfers lose all their energy. Most surfers don't like the traditional neoprene "surfing" boot because they don't feel good on their board, that's why Wetty created the WETTY surf boot. You will forget that you have surf booties on your feet.

Designed for those Cold winter days WETTY has created the warmest surfing slipper that only uses the highest quality Limestone Neoprene lined with Polar Fleece. Slipper? yes you did read that right... These things are way too comfortable to be labelled as a "Boot"

The anti-water inlet system provides an ultra-comfortable boot that will keep you in the water that little bit longer than the rest.

The natural Latex sole is the closest feel to surfing barefoot without actually being barefoot and is the favourite boot choice of the team here at Shore.

Whats Different about these?

The wetty surf boots are all made in a small workshop and each pair is hand made meaning the quality of each boot is top-notch. Now, these are not a mass-produced throwaway item and do needed to be treated with love and care to get the maximum out of them. i.e. you need to actually wax the sole of your boot to help with grip especially before the first surf and when taking them on and off you need to be careful not to use too many fingers nails but the reward for looking after your boots is well worth it. The feel is like nothing else.

What Sports?

The team at Shore consists of Surfers, Longboarders, SUPers, Open Water Swimmers, Foilers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers and these boots have been a success with all of them. For boardsports its the feel you get through the board for swimmers its the flexibility and for Kiters the ease of getting into straps is a real bonus. We honestly cannot recommend these boots enough. The Pro Series is aimed at the more kite/windsurf market or those who drag their feet while standing up given there extra-rugged top

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