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Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuits and Accessories

Ripcurl's popular and successful Flash Bomb wetsuit will keep you warm and dries in a flash, enabling you to maximise your time in the water from early autumn to late spring. The Ripcurl Flash Bomb takes the founding features from the Ripcurl range and adds a lining that will allow you to maximise your time in the water whilst staying warm. The wetsuit combines warmth, flexibility and quick drying features. Ripcurl's Flash Bomb wetsuit is one of the fastest drying wetsuits on the market. The exclusive, engineered weave in the lining means that the wetsuit will dry in record time, almost completely eliminating the painful situation of having to change into a wet wetsuit on those chilly dawn sessions. Ripcurl have worked hard to make the Flash Bomb a versatile wetsuit by combining many features to help keep you warm without compromising on flexibility.

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