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Stand Up Paddleboarding has taken off in the UK thanks in part to the huge celebrity uptake and how easy it is SUPing is here to stay. Here at we have seen many many different brands of Paddleboards in many different constructions and we are confident that we have the best selection of paddleboards for 99% of the population. One of the major issues with SUP's is the price and therefore we offer a great selection of NSP Paddleboards which offer a good quality epoxy board with full deck pad for around Σ700 mark. There are lots of cheaper plastic rotomoulded boards on the market but from our experience plastic rotomould boards are less than ideal as have flex in the deck. The NSP Stand up paddleboards offer a solid yet lightweight ride in some very user friendly shapes. If you are looking for something a bit more performance based board the Nah Skwells should be right up your street. Designed in Brittany france these boards are perfect for UK waters and super light weight thanks to a 3 ply construction which means they are almost as light as boards 3 times the price. All the Nah Skwell Stand Up Paddleboards cost under Σ1000 and offer what we think is the best sub Σ1000 board on the market. Finally for 2014 we have taken on Red Paddle Inflatable Paddle boards. These are the best on the market by a long way. After being very sceptical at first of all inflatable options we found the Red Paddle Inflatable Paddleboards are the only brand which is actually of a decent enough quality, construction and design for us to stock and believe in. They come in from Σ640 and offer the perfect solution for someone limited on space looking to get out on the water. Check out all the Stand up paddleboards and Inflatable boards online now below at

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