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Patagonia Wetsuits have changed the industry. They came onto the scene back in 2010 and since then they have gone onto become one of the most forward-thinking wetsuit manufacturers on the market today. Always looking at ways to improve the environmental impact on production and bring new materials to the industry they have really locked in on the wetsuit space and the quality and attention to detail really shows
Their range of wetsuits cover all conditions. If you were looking for something to keep the chill off in warmer waters, then the R2 wetsuit would be choice. If you want ultimate performance but still need serious thermal properties then you would go with the R3 wetsuit. The R4 wetsuit is the go to suit for second to none warmth, it comes hooded and unhooded. The R5 wetsuit is their thickest suit, for serious cold water surfing in serious conditions.

Expert Advice

"The fact that Patagonia Wetsuits come with a Lifetime warranty says it all about the range from Patagonia. They are the only brand in the wetsuit space to offer this and really shows they believe in their products. In the past perhaps they have not been as technically fancy as other brands but if your looking for a sustainable way to surf that is going to be bomb-proof look no further than the Patagonia Yulex selection of wetsuits. "

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