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Nsp Surfboards

About Nsp Surfboards

New Surf Project know to most surfer as NSP. Unlike traditional handmade surfboards NSP boards are made mechanically in vast quantities, this reduces cost, increases durability and allows a much larger range to choose from. NSP surfboards cater for a range of riders from complete beginners to seasoned and advanced riders. NSP boards are constructed from an E.P.S core (Expanded Poly Styrene) with an Epoxy Fiberglass reinforcement. This gives NSP great durability and performance.

The NSP range of boards are specifically catered for certain riders and abilities. The NSP Grom range are perfect for young riders keen to improve or step up their surfing. The NSP Funboards and Surfbetty are aimed at beginners all the way through to experienced riders of all ages. They are extremely popular due their versatility and easy use, they can be seen at beaches all over the world. NSP Fish are a great choice for less than perfect surf conditions, these boards are really quick in small waves. NSP Shortboards offer more performance than the Funboards and would suit a rider that has surfing experience. They make perfect first shortboards due to their performance and durability. The NSP Longboards and SUP are a perfect choice for surfers of all ages, sizes and shapes.

No matter what type of board your after NSP have a boards for you. Shore.co.uk stock a great range of NSP surfboards,
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