Lib Tech Surfboards

About Lib Tech Surfboards

Lib Tech Surfboards are manufacturer out in America by the same company that is world famous for its Snowboards and Skateboard. They decided to get into the Surfboard game after spending years developing a surfboard construction technology that is environmentally friendly as well as giving a similar performance level to PU while at the same time being very strong enabling the board to take a beating and still work. Lib tech named this technology Ecoisotrophic. The exact blend and technology is a closely guarded secret but from what we can tell they use water tight cores so if you ding your board you dont have to get out straight away and you can drive a truck over them. Lib Tech have developed some of there own shapes which certainly look interesting and have now signed a deal with Lost Surfboards to produce some of there shapes in the technology. This includes the Lost Puddle Jumper which looks like the small wave weapon of choice and the Short round which is a fuller shortboard that looks to be the perfect travel board for all conditions. Lib Tech Surfboards are the future and available online and instore here at Shore

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