Perception Scooter Gemini

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Perception Scooter Gemini Sit on Top Kayak, The Perception Gemini Scooter is the tandem version of the popular Perception Scooter. Classed as a 2.5 person boat it can accommodate up to 2 adults & a child in the smaller centre seat. The Gemini obviously still functions perfectly as a purely tandem kayak (for those planning to leave the kids at home) or those looking to occasionally use their kayak solo.

The Gemini is ideal for coastal and inland water touring, fitness training and fun in the waves. The Gemini can be a bit of a handful to surf and you may spend a bit of time talking to the fish but its a great fun and exciting. If you plan on doing a lot of surfing you’d be well advised to consider the optional leg straps which provide greater control over the boat.

Sit-On-Tops are great fun and the Scooter Gemini offers slightly improved performance compared to some of its wider American competitors. The Gemini is designed around the UK paddler and being manufactured in the UK has a reduced carbon footprint making it the greener choice

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