Top 5 Winter Wetsuits for 2014

Top 5 Winter Wetsuits for 2014

Winter Wetsuit Guide 2013/14 TOP 5

Winter wetsuits are key to keeping warm in the colder winter surfing months. As not everyone can afford or take the time to get away on surf holidays in these colder winter months a good wetsuit is key to be able to get in the water no matter what the sport. For Surfing there are loads of cold-water surf spots that can offer un-crowded perfection therefore having a good wetsuit, boots, gloves and a hood is key. We have compiled together a list of the Top 5 Winter Wetsuits from a selection of brands.

1. O'Neill Psycho 3 5/3 2013/14 SSW. The O'Neill Psycho range has been around for years however this year O'Neill has brought some of their latest developments into the range for 2014. With the Super Seam Weld (SSW) and Technobutter Neoprene the 2013/14 Psycho 3 really does offer the ultimate performance winter suit. With air-insulated neoprene in the chest this may not be the warmest suit on the market but certainly offers the best blend in performance and warmth. If you feel the cold check out the Psychofreak, Xcel Drylock or R4. Check out all O'Neill Wetsuits Here

2. Xcel Drylock 5/4 2013/14 Powerseam The Xcel Drylock is Xcels Warmest and most technical suit they offer. With Powerseam technology throughout the external seam of the suit and taping on the inside this suit is designed to be as warm as possible. As well the seams Xcel have just launched their TD3 ThermoDry lining in the chest. This allows the suit to dry quicker and keep you warmer. A top end top quality warm winter suit. XCEL Wetsuits Here

3.CSkins Hot Wired 5/4/3 2013/14 SSW Ths CSkins Hot Wired was one of our best selling top end winter suits last year and for good reason. With 100% External Super Seam Weld and Internal taping coupled with Flash Dry Lining that runs from the top of chest to the bottom of the legs it combines aspects of the Xcel Drylock and Ripcurl Flashbomb Pro to offer the ultimate in performance winter wetsuit technology. Check out all the C Skins Wetsuits Here

4. Ripcurl Flashbomb 5/3 2013/14 Taped Ripcurl released the Flashbomb wetsuit series in 2012. It proved to be a huge sales and marketing success. Using a Flash Dry lining throughout the whole of the body of the suit means it can be completely dry within 15 minutes. On top of this the flash dry lining is very fluffy and warm therefore the suit dry's quicker than anything on the market and keeps you toasty warm. This suit is always a big seller in winter given these 2 main features and the E4 neoprene that runs through the suit to give it great extra flexibility.Check out all the Ripcurl Wetsuits Here

5.Patagonia R4 5mm 2013/14 Patagonia wetsuits are the new boy on the scene with much hype being talked about in cold car parks up and down the land of the Marino wool lining and the price tag. Patagonia have listen to this core surfer and made a few changes for 2013/14 which will help with the performance and stretch of their suits. The new R4 is designed to be the ultimate in warmth and performance blend with some great ECO Characteristics without compromising on quality. With Merino Wool now only through the lower body this opens up the shoulders to be more flexible and the introduction of external Super seam weld means less stitching and therefore more flexibility and warm through the seams of the suit. Check out all the Patagonia Wetsuits Here
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