Ripcurl Flashbomb Wetsuit 2014 Walkthrough

Ripcurl Flashbomb 2014 Review and Walkthrough

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The Ricpurl Flashbomb Wetsuit was one of the best sellers here at Shore last winter. Its had a few updates for this Winter incorporating some new technology the Flashbomb is sure to be a winner for this winter as well.

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The main selling point on the Ripcurl Flash Bomb has to be its lining. This year’s suit is no different with Ripcurls proprietary lining running all the way from the top of the chest right down to the very bottom of the legs. This ensures that the suit drys really quickly and is warm all the way through the body and that you still have enough flexibility in the arms. Manufacturers have played with furnace style linings in the upper body and arms to mixed reviews. Obviously it adds to the warmth of the suit however does restrict movement in this crucial area. Therefore the Ripcurl Flash bomb uses the new E4 neoprene in the arms that is 20% lighter than last years suit and warmer and more flexible. This flexibility which ripcurl is known for in the Ripcurl E Bomb coupled with the warmth and fast drying nature of the flash lining is delivers one of the best performance suits on the market.

ripcurl flash bomb wetsuit side

The seams in the Flash Bomb have also been updated this season to the E4 Taped Seams. This means the suit is Glued and Blind Stitched and then taped internally throughout. The tape used is very similar to the XCEL fusion tape and therefore has the quality assurance that it will last many seasons without any wear or tear. A Taped suits uses the glued tape coupled with the stitching to ensure a solid watertight seam. You can spot this on the new Flash bomb by looking for the bright orange tape running through the suit.

The Flashbomb is the 2012 Eurosima wetsuit of the year, 2012 Sima USA wetsuit of the year and the 2013 Surf wetsuit of the year in Australia. This suit is really the next level of wetsuit design and development and Ripcurl know it. Expect this new version with the E4 Flashdry lining, E4 Taped Seams and E4 Neoprene to be in the nominations for 2013.

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