What’s the time Mr Wolf? NIXON

What’s the time Mr Wolf? NIXON

Well on my brand new ‘Nixon The Time Teller’ watch it says 8:30am

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Personally I work as a teacher and it no longer became appropriate to grab my phone whenever I needed to know the time, so, the first brand that popped into my head when I mulled over the idea of buying a watch was Nixon – and I am so glad it did!

Nixon cater for the watersports enthusiasts in this world, but also pay attention to aesthetic details, in other words, their watches are uber-stylish. With strap materials ranging from leather, to marble effect rubber, to stainless steel, faces from analogue to dialogue, and outstanding features for surfers and watersports folk alike Nixon are the go to watches.

Barts YRMA Beanie Beige

Here at Shore we are passionate about providing for the customer, whoever he/she may be, therefore we stock Nixon watches that range in price from £38.99 for The Time Teller P Watch, to £359.99 for The Diplomat. This price range ensures that Nixon quality watches are accessible to customers from all walks of life, for all manner of occasions. Not to mention being an ideal Christmas present for that special person in your life!

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All Nixon watches come with a 2 year guarantee so you can rest assured that you are going to be well looked after once you have purchased your watch.

Watches for surfers

Riders that wear Nixon include: Bruce Irons, John John Florence, Dusty Payne and Rob Machado (to name a few). Many Nixon watches have a 100m+ water resistant design, strong adaptable clasps to ensure security, ridiculous accuracy of worldwide pre-programmed tides – including 270 beaches world wide until 2023! Some models such as The Lowdown S Watch also include a wave counter feature, ,along with your more standard countdown timer and alarm – making sure you get out the water in time for that important meeting!

Barts YRMA Beanie Beige The Lowdown S Watch – only £109.99 at Shore!

Don’t forget the girls!

Nixon pride themselves with ability to design practical, yet stylish watches, this also extends to the girls range. One of the most important things about Nixon watches is that they look good, a girl wearing a watch that has a face larger than the size of her wrist isn’t a good look these days. So. Nixon have brought out watches with a much smaller watch face to compliment those with a delicate wrist, such as:

Barts YRMA Beanie Beige The Kenzi Leather Watch - £124.99 at Shore

Remember Nixon this Christmas if you want to buy someone a gift you know they will love!

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