Hayden Shapes Surfboard Models Walkthrough

Hayden Shapes Surfboards have been on the market for a while now in the UK and have had a great reception with more and more of the worlds top surfers giving them a shot and finding that the shapes work as good as they look. Notably Dane Rynolds has been seen riding a Shred Sled and some of the performance shortboard models are appearing slowly in some of the Top CT rider’s board bags. Hayden Cox has managed to find the perfect balance between performance and technology to produce 3 boards that really work for the average surfer and help push your own surfing forward.

The Hypto Krypto is probably the most UK friendly board with a bit more volume and forgiveness in its shape compared to some of the other models available in the line up. Out of the Fibre Flex HS line up the Hypto has easily been the best seller especially in the 5’8 which has been a few of our staffs go to board this summer.

The Shred Sled is a bit more of a performance fish/small wave performance short board. Its tail shape allows you to jab the board and get it a lot more vertical. Probably more suited to a steeper wave shape such as a firing French beachie or a big day at Croyde.

Finally in the current line up in the Psychedlic Germ, This is a bit of the unknown in the Hayden Shapes line up and is certainly a bit of an odd shape with lots of features and contours you don’t usually see in surfboard design. From what I understand and the people I know who have ridden the Germ who really rate the displacement hull and the slightly more pulled in tail which should mean it can be whipped round quicker than a shread sled. It is not going to be as good in such a wide variety of waves as the Shred Sled but for a bit of Chop and hitting sections it does look like a really good option.

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