All-Aussie Steamer Lane Final!

All-Aussie Steamer Lane Final!

Miss yesterday’s action at Steamer Lane? Well, the swell turned on, that’s for sure, seeing set waves in the 6-8ft range. The slightly unpredictable conditions tested the most experienced surfers on the tour; and with no defined take off zone, many of the world’s best were baffled as to where to sit. It was a case of either sit close to the cliff and take the wobbly, but more consistent rights, or sit deep and wait it out for the lefts that bombed through every so often. The conditions kept the surfers on their toes, and scratching their head as to where the best waves were breaking.

In the end, it came down to an all Aussie final, with Matt Wilkinson up against Taj Burrow. This was Wilkinson’s first ever Final, and after a year of mostly average results, he was visibly hungry for the win. Wilko got to work early on in the final, but couldn’t find form, or pick off the better waves. Taj sat tight for the first half of the final with few waves, until he unleashed a huge frontside slash assault on a critical section of his first real wave (see 3m 52s in the vid below!), which scored in the 7 range. From here on in, the final was on, and although Wilko managed to match this score, he failed to back it up with a good second wave. In the dying seconds, Wilko went to town on one last wave, but missed out on the score by just half a point…

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