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Oneill Wetsuits

Buy Oneill Wetsuits online at Shore. Oneill are true pioneers of the wetsuit world, founded in 1952 by Jack O'neill the inventor of the modern neoprene wetsuit. From this Oneill wetsuits have grown worldwide continuously finding innovative and mind bending wetsuit technology giving them the edge over other wetsuit manufacturers. Through relentless in-water testing and refinement they truly believe that when you buy Oneill, you buy the best.

Not only this but they develop and design wetsuits with leading professional surfers, this being the foundation of their success. Their core values being innovation in style and technology.They have continued to dominate the wetsuit and boardsport market. Their top end wetsuits feature unique technology such as double fluid seam weld applied to triple glued seams. While their entry level wetsuits offer great features at an affordable price such as 100% ultraflex and double super seal neck. All of which are available at Shore.co.uk in various sizes for men, woman and children.Whether your new to board sports and have a tight budget or want an all sing all dancing top of the line O'neill wetsuit Shore.co.uk have a massive range to choose from.

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"O'Neill Wetsuits in my honest opinion offer the best selection of materials, performance and fits on the market. We have been selling and wearing O'Neill Wetsuits for over 20 years and feel they have the most complete range and understanding of neoprene out of any brand on the planet" - Henry

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