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Fishing Kayaks

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We stock only the most tried and tested fishing kayaks from the biggest brands such as Ocean Kayak and Perception Kayak. Our range of fishing kayaks are perfect for the casual angler through to the most hardcore shark hunting pro! We specialise in outfitting boats to meet your needs so if you want an extra Rod holder or two we can do this for you before you even receive. Advantages of kayak fishing are that they can be stored in small spaces and launched quickly therefore being a much better cost affected solution to get on the water. Don't forget, all single kayaks at Shore.co.uk come with free UK next day delivery if ordered before 2pm.

The kayak has many other advantages for keen anglers, this is because it enables them to reach hidden bays, shallow water reefs, or follow shoals of fish feeding offshore, which were all previously inaccessible when fishing from the shore. We have a wide selection of kayaks that are suitable for fishing, to see our range please browse our online shop or alternatively pop in to our store. We also offer a custom outfitting service, in order to create your perfect fishing kayak. Before choosing a kayak there are several things to consider, your size and build, fitness level, where you intend to fish, estuary, river, open sea, the type of fishing and gear that you will have to carry, fly, lure or bait, how far you will have to paddle to reach your marks and of course your budget.

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9 styles found


9 styles found

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